New York City or Los Angeles as datacenter location?

Depending on where your target audience or where most of your visitors live you should choose the location close to your visitor. If most of the visitors to your site is from Europe. You should consider picking a New York City datacenter that has good connections to Europe. If you visitors are mostly from the West Coast of the United States or is from Asia. You should consider a Los Angeles datacenter that has good connections to Asia.

If you choose a datacenter that is far away from where most of your visitors will be coming from it will take a little longer for your websites to be accessed by your visitors. The “millisecond” difference can make a difference depending on your visitor’s connection speed. If you are an European business and most of your visitors are from Europe. The decision to locate your server on the West Coast of the United States will result in longer latency and will make it take a little longer compared to a European business having their server located in Paris or London.

You should choose your datacenter location that is relativity close to where most of your visitors will becoming from. Make sure the datacenter that you choose has good connections and is not reliant on one connection. The difference in latency and time will make a big difference if its gaming or video streaming. Depending on what services or website you are providing. The time difference and latency will increase if your datacenter is farther away from where your visitors live may have an impact on your business.

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