Why has my host recently increased their pricing?

If your web hosting provider offers Cpanel and has recently announced an increase in prices then the reason is Cpanel. Cpanel is the web hosting control panel that makes it easy for non-technical people and anybody to manage their web hosting account. Many of the most popular web hosts use Cpanel.

Increase depends on number of accounts
Cpanel recently announced a pricing structure change that we won’t bore you with but it will have an impact on many small to medium size web hosts. The pricing change will result in more costs to your web hosting provider. The increased cost can range from a little percentage to 20% to a lot more! The exact increase will vary and depend on how your web host is deploying Cpanel and the number of accounts that are in use.

Interworx and DirectAdmin
Some web hosts will begin to offer alternative control panels like Interworx or DirectAdmin. While these web hosts work around in the background to avoid the sudden shock to their business plans. The cost is being passed to web hosting customers like you.

Plesk shares ownership with Cpanel
The people that own Cpanel also own Plesk. If your web host is planning to move to Plesk because of the new pricing changes. You may want to let your web host know that Plesk also shares the same ownership with the parent company behind Cpanel.

Best way to avoid increase in web hosting
If you don’t want to pay more for web hosting. We recommend you move to a non-Cpanel web hosting plan. If your web host doesn’t offer a non-Cpanel web hosting plan. You should consider finding a different host that offers an alternative web hosting control panel.