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How to install nmap on FreeBSD 11

Computer terminal

If you are using FreeBSD 11 then these instructions will show you how to install nmap. Nmap is a program for scanning your servers to identify what ports you have open. Open ports means that the specified port can be reached by other systems. If your server is facing the internet and you have a […]

How to change your SSH port


The following commands should work in most Linux distributions. You need to first connect to your Linux server and either use sudo or become the root user to execute these commands. Locate and edit the configuration file First, you need to edit the SSH configuration file. You can use nano or your preferred editor to […]

How to delete a theme from WordPress

delete theme from wordpress

This tutorial works with WordPress version 4.6.1. To delete a theme from WordPress you click on “Appearance” from the main menu inside the Admin panel. After you click on the “Appearance” menu you should see all your different themes displayed. Click on the theme that you want to delete. Make sure you have a different […]

How to login to MySQL/MariaDB

Logging in as the root MySQL/MariaDB user: If you use MySQL/MariaDB and want to login to the database via the command line. The commands to execute via your SSH terminal session is: mysql -u root -p You will be prompted for your root MySQL/MariaDB password. After you enter your password and hit enter. You should […]