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How to see if your nameserver has AXFR enabled?

If you are running your own DNS servers¬† than you may not want to let other people snoop around your zone files. Nameservers that are misconfigured will allow zone transfers unless the server administrator explicitly changes their settings to not allow it. What happens when someone can do a zone transfer (AXFR)? The receiving party […]

Cheap ways to backup your site

Data backup

So you are thinking about backing up your site but don’t want to spend the extra money? There are affordable ways to backup your website and its data without having to spend a lot of money. 1) Get a cheap shared web hosting account You can manually backup your site everyday or every week. You […]

What is a sub-domain?


A sub-domain is simply an extension of your existing domain name. There is no cost to create a subdomain name. Your main domain name can be for example: For a subdomain you can enter your control panel and create: This would be an example of a subdomain. A subdomain is an additional web […]

Oracle Dyn DNS pricing was acquired by Oracle a few years ago. Taking a look at the website you can see that Oracle has now added their name/brand. It is now known as Oracle Dyn. The pricing on the Dyn website also shows three different tiers for their hosted DNS service. Dyn offers developers a pay as […]