1 major con of having all your data in the cloud

OutageQuestion: What would be one major con of having all your corporate data in the cloud?

Answer: One major con of having all your data in the cloud is when you business or the cloud has connectivity issues. Imagine having all your most important and critical files in the cloud. A cloud is pretty much hosting all your data in someone’s datacenter and hoping nothing catastrophic happens.

Scenario A: Your company has connection issues reaching the cloud provider that is hosting all your files. If you local internet service provider has a fiber cut or any routing issues and you can’t establish a connection to the cloud provider. You would not be able to access your files or do anything if all your data is hosted “in the cloud”.

Scenario B: Your internet connection to the internet is fine but your cloud service provider has some routing or internet issues. Imagine having high latency and major packet loss. It would be like trying to download a 1 GB file over a 56K dial up modem. It would be slow and painful.

One of the major con of having all your data hosted in the cloud is when you or your provider have any issues making a connection. Any issues that arises from your internet service provider to your cloud service provider that result in a bad or no connection means your business would be left stranded.