3 signs your web host is now a zombie web host

CartThere are 3 clear signs that your web host has turned into a zombie. Zombie web hosts = may not be out of business but has almost non-existent communication with their customers. There are many reasons that would lead a web host to becoming a zombie but that story is for another day. Three signs your web host is a zombie web host:

Blog is dead

If your web host once had a blog and its latest entry is over 6 months old. Your web host is either on autopilot like the Titanic ship (this is good or bad? BAD). Either your web host doesn’t care about why they put up a blog in the first place or forget it exists or your web host doesn’t care.

If your web host has a blog but doesn’t care about it. What makes you think your web host will care about you?

Really old looking site

The site looks like its from the 1990’s or 2000’s Internet era. Font, design, and everything on the site looks like it’s designed 10+ years ago. If the site has a copyright line at the bottom of the site and the year shown is not this year. Then the web host is really not keeping up with times. Besides having a really old site. Your web host will probably have plans and pricing that is from a decade ago.

If your web host can’t keep up with the designs of the time. There is a high chance the technical specs of the server they will host you on is also old (NOT GOOD). A web host during these times has no excuse for keeping an ANCIENT web site that hasn’t gotten a facelift for years.

No address shown anywhere

If your web host doesn’t have any address show anywhere. This is a clear sign that they are:

A) They are a flyby night scam.

B) Are owned by giant super web host that doesn’t want you to know.

It is either A or B. Can’t be both.

If your web host meets or exceeds all three of these traits for a zombie web host. You should RUN away from this web host!