3 things to do before you pay for web hosting

Before you decide to hit the “Order” button and order a web hosting plan. You should do these three things.

Research your web hosting provider and read other customers reviews of the web host and how they treat their customers. Does the network go down every other day? Does tech support answer their emails?

How do you go about canceling your account with this web host if you DON’T LIKE them? It is a great idea to know how to exit out of the relationship before you start it. What is your web host’s cancellation policy? Do they require you to mail in a letter that is notarized? Does the web host require 365 days advance notice? Search their website and ask them what their cancellation policy and how you would go about canceling service if you need to move on.

Is there a money back guaranteed or a free trial available? You don’t want to spend $20 dollars to figure out your software script won’t work with your web host.