Cheap web hosts = low quality web hosting?

When a web host offers a web hosting plan for say less than $2 dollars per month. Either the web hosting plan is pretty barebones and really simple/basic or the web host is overselling the server like crazy. If your web host is charging you $1 per month then you have to start asking how is you web hosting making money off your payment if they are only charging $1 per month. If you can’t answer it then there is a high chance your quality of service may not be up to your expectations.

A web host that offers cheap prices does not mean they suck. It may mean they offer a lot of additional add on services or products. Either that or they are trying to get regular customers to upgrade to more expensive web hosting plans. If your web host is offering a service at crazy prices then there may be a catch.

Would a grocery store sell apples for 1 penny today? No, unless the grocer is doing a major sale or is doing a going out of business liquidation. Unless your web host is doing a major promotion or sale. If the regular prices are in the single digits every month. You should start questioning if/when your account will get suspended in the future and your web host wants you to upgrade to another plan. You may also notice low quality service, like slow page loading times or it takes days to get a response from technical support.

A web host that offers cheap plans does not mean they suck but if the prices are not reasonable then you shouldn’t expect a reasonable web hosting experience.