FreeBSD 11.0 release pushed back 1 more week

Three gearsFreeBSD 11.0 has a new release date of October 5, 2016. Due to some security fixes that had to be included. A rebuild of the FreeBSD 11.0 image was required. FreeBSD 11 was set to be released today but that won’t be happening. Instead it will probably be next Wednesday.

An explanation of the delay was posted on the FreeBSD mailing list.

Dear FreeBSD Community:

[Corrected the date.]

Although the FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE has not yet been officially announced,
many have found images on the Project FTP mirrors.

However, please be aware the final 11.0-RELEASE will be rebuilt and
republished on the Project mirrors as a result of a few last-minute
security fixes we feel are imperative to include in the final release.

FreeBSD users already running 11.0-RELEASE will be given instructions on
how to safely upgrade systems to the 11.0-RELEASE-p1 in the final
announcement email. Those building from source code can obtain the
latest security updates from the releng/11.0 branch in Subversion:


As the FreeBSD Project strives to provide the best possible product, the
Release Engineering team decided to build an updated release to include
the fixes. At present, we expect to have the final release available
Wednesday, October 5th. If you have not yet downloaded 11.0-RELEASE,
please wait for the official release announcement.

Thank you in advance for your patience waiting for 11.0-RELEASE, and of
course for understanding the reasons behind the updated release.

On behalf of: re@