Go with a Cpanel web host or a custom control panel?

If you are deciding between a web host that uses Cpanel versus one with a custom control panel. You must factor in whether or not you have the technical capability to replicate your web hosting account setup on a new web host if you decide to switch web hosts. If you have the technical capabilities then you can go with whichever web host you prefer but if you decide to use a Cpanel web host you can transition between different Cpanel web hosts easily.

Using a Cpanel web hosting provider enables you to change web hosts easily. You can have your new web host move your files, databases, emails, and setup to another Cpanel web host without much difficulty. Cpanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels so switching between Cpanel web hosting providers is a lot easier.

A web hosting provider that is using a custom control panel or another control panel will provider both positives and negatives. If you decide to host your website with a non-Cpanel web hosting provider. It will be more difficult to change web hosting providers when you want to. Your new web hosting provider may not be familiar with the control panel and not be able to migrate your data as easily if you were using a popular web hosting control panel like Cpanel.

Depending on your technical skill set you should consider how easily it would be for you to setup your web hosting setup on a new web hosting provider. By using a web host that uses Cpanel as the web hosting control panel it will be easier to transition to new web host. When using a custom or not popular web host control panel, it will require more work to change web hosts.