Google Cloud SQL gets update

Google has announced that the company’s Cloud SQL service has received an update. The first generation of the Cloud SQL service from Google offered MySQL in October 2011. Since then the company has improved the speed of the service. The second generation of Cloud SQL is 7 times faster than the first generation.

Google Cloud SQL can now scale all the way to 10TB of data stored with the service. Support for up to 15,000 IOPS and 104GB of RAM per instance. Google Cloud SQL is a managed SQL service from Google that supports MySQL databases. Google handles the patches, updates, backups, failover, and replication of the database instances.

Cloud SQL supports MySQL Community Server 5.6+, InnoDB and MyISAM storage engine, 16 vCPU cores, 104GB or RAM, 10TB of data, max throughput of 240 MB/s, max IOPS 15,000 (write) and 10,000 (read). Google is offering a free $300 credit to try out the service.