Is GoDaddy web hosting good?

Red carQuestion: Is GoDaddy web hosting any good?

Answer: It depends on what you need from GoDaddy. If you are comfortable with shared web hosting then GoDaddy should work out. If you need powerful VPS or dedicated servers then GoDaddy can fulfill your needs but it maybe a hit or miss.

GoDaddy is publicly traded company and not a small web hosting firm. GoDaddy is more known for their domain registration and marketing effort to attract shared web hosting customers than dedicated server customers. GoDaddy is such a large company there will be a lot more negative experiences because they have so many customers.

The only way you will find out is to exchange notes with other GoDaddy customers about their experiences and see if GoDaddy is the type of web host you want (find reviews or cold email GoDaddy customers). If you are planning to host your site with GoDaddy. You may not want your domains to be registered with GoDaddy too. Any bad experience with either service can jeopardize your ability to move your business to another provider.