Is Microsoft Azure cheaper than regular web hosting?

Web hosting - blue cloudsQuestion: If I go with Microsoft Azure will I save money compared to regular web hosting?

Answer: The answer will vary depending on what your specific web hosting requirements are. If the reason you are choosing to host your website with Microsoft Azure is because of the price. You will notice that the pricing is not that special or will result in any dramatic saving. Depending on who your current web host is the pricing may be expensive if you go with a cloud web hosting provider.

If you look at your technical requirements and whether or not your current web host satisfies them or not. If your current web host meets all your requirements than there is no reason to change web hosts unless Microsoft Azure offers something that your web host does not. If the reason that you are considering moving to Microsoft Azure is solely because of the pricing or you are looking to save money. You will have to weight the risk and reward from such a transition to Microsoft Azure. In some scenarios you may end up paying more by switching to a cloud web hosting provider like Microsoft Azure compared to your current web host.