Largest DDoS attack so far is 665 Gbps?

eviloldman-300pxA leading security blog has been taken offline temporary because of a record DDoS attack on the site. is temporary not available due to a large DDoS attack that is believed to be caused by one or more organizations that offer DDoS attack services for hire.

KrebsOnSecurity recently reported on an organization that offer DDoS attacks for hire and this may of contributed to the massive DDoS that has crippled the site. Prolexic/Akamai was providing a courtesy (free) service to Brian Krebs, the author behind the blog but the sheer size of the attack probably made the corporation reconsider after incurring heavy expenses shielding the blog.

Brian Krebs tweeted on Twitter:

Prolexic said the 665 Gbps attack that hit my site tonight is almost twice the size of the largest attack they’ve seen previously.

Krebs has resorted to changing the IP address temporarily to (localhost) to deflect the attack while his site is offline.