Most expensive new gTLD is .security and .protection?

Dot Security domain pricingThere have been a bunch of new dot extensions also known as new gTLDs introduced recently. What is the most expensive new domain extension?

Most expensive new gTLD extension is .security and .protection
If you go to and enter whatever words you want and add .security or .protection as the ending of the domain you want. You will find that the price for a .security and .protection domain start at $3999.99 at GoDaddy. If you use another registrar to register a .security or .protection domain. The pricing may be higher and go above $4000 for one year of registration. If you shop around and compare with other registrars there may be cheaper pricing.

Who can register a .security or .protection domain name?
Anyone can pretty much register any .security or .protection domain name. There are no restrictions but the pricing is not cheap. The renewal fee each year is expected to be at least a few grands and not cheap either.

Price for .security or .protection?
Comparing prices at GoDaddy, NameCheap, NetworkSolutions, and reveal that the cheapest pricing that we found so far for .security is $2488.00 per year. What is the renewal fee for .security or .protection domain extensions? clearly shows the renewal is $2999.99 per year. With the other domain registrars you will have to go their respective pricing pages. = $3999.99 = $2488.00 = $3999.99 = $2099.99 (Renewal is $2999.99)


  1. Why so expensive

    1. These registries can set their own prices. Their decision to do so. Whether or not anyone wants to register a .security or .protection domain is another question.

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