My web host got brought out and is moving me?

If your web hosting provider has been acquired by another company. There is a good chance that your web hosting provider may change datacenters unless they own their own datacenter. When a large corporation or another web hosting provider buys another web hosting company.

They would want to consolidate costs aka maintain operating costs and not increase the cost to operate their business. This may mean moving all the existing customers from the web hosting company being acquired to their own preferred datacenter. When the new owners move the web hosting customers to the new datacenter there maybe hiccups during the transition.

If there are any hiccups or interruptions to the service during the transition. The issues usually go away after the transition from the old datacenter to the new one is completed. When the web hosting customers are hosted at the new datacenter they can enjoy the benefits that the new owners bring. The web hosting provider can maintain a simplified network infrastructure rather than having to pay a lot of money to different datacenters that may not be redundant but costly to maintain.

If your web hosting provider is changing datacenters. You should send them an email and ask what benefits will the change having on your web hosting account. There maybe more peering, more bandwidth connections, a more secure datacenter, or the new datacenter is larger.