Outsource email hosting or host your own email server?

If your business depends on 24/7 uptime email service then you will need to carefully consider your decisions. Popular email hosting services include Google Apps to Microsoft’s Outlook service and almost every web hosting provider also provides email hosting services. If you are technically inclined then it may be more fun to host your own email server.

If you are not technical and do not know the in’s and out’s of managing a email server then it would be a good idea to outsource your email hosting to a web host or use one of the popular email hosting services. When it comes to email hosting it is better to know what you are doing and not attempt to learn in the process.

There are no issues with tinkering with your server to get an understanding of maintaining your own email server but if 24/7 email uptime is critical to your business then its better to outsource your email hosting. If the website you are maintaining does not require 24/7 critical uptime for the email server then you should consider looking into running your own email server.

When running your own email server you will have to handle spam complaints from other Internet users. You would also be responsible for making sure the email server is secure and not letting unauthorized users send spam from your email server. You would also be responsible for filtering out spam that may reach your email server so your end users don’t get flooded with spam in their inbox.