Running a blog? Go with a web host dedicated to blogs

If you are running a WordPress blog then you should consider hosting your blog with a web host that is dedicated to WordPress. You have the choice of having your WordPress blog hosted with a normal shared web host or a web host dedicated to WordPress. A web host that focuses exclusively on managing WordPress blogs will be better in the long term compared to hosting with a shared web host that has every type of imaginable site as your neighbor.

A web host dedicated to WordPress can help scale your blog when there are sudden spikes in traffic. A typical WordPress blog web hosting provider has the system setup in place to scale the blogs resource needs when you become popular overnight. The web host would also have experience in making sure that your blog doesn’t halt to a grind or crash because one of your posts become viral on social media.

When hosting with a normal shared web hosting provider they may not be totally focused on your WordPress setup needs. There could be static HTML sites, to flash game sites, to business sites being hosted on same server as your WordPress blog. With a WordPress blog your web host would have a setup that focuses on making sure your WordPress blog is humming along with no issue. Plus, most WordPress web hosts dedicated more RAM and CPU power to your web hosting account compared to a normal shared web hosting providers plans.

When you choose to go with a WordPress web hosting provider, they maybe able to provide recommendations on what plugins to avoid, what plugins to use, and what plugins can become bottlenecks if your site gets on the front page of Reddit. Your WordPress web host would probably also know what is good practice to make sure your WordPress is serving up your posts as quickly as possible. By hosting with a WordPress dedicated web hosting provider they can help manage and provide technical experience to make sure your WordPress blog is running smoothly.