Screenshots of ISPConfig version 3.0.5

The following are some screenshots of ISPConfig version 3.0.5. ISPConfig is a free control panel to manage your web server. ISPConfig can be deployed as a web hosting control panel. ISPConfig supports administrators, resellers, and end users.

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ISPConfig v3 login screen

This is the login page for ISPConfig version 3.


After logging into ISPConfig 3

This is what a client would see after logging into ISPConfig control panel. This page would be different if a reseller or administrator were to use their own credentials to login.


Adding a DNS zone inside ISPConfig v3

Adding a manual DNS zone inside ISPConfig.


Adding an email domain in ISPConfig v3

This is the page inside ISPConfig that a client would go to add an email domain.

Adding an FTP user inside ISPConfig

A client would see this page if they wanted to add an FTP user inside ISPConfig.

ISPConfig version 3 settings for a client

Some preferences for the client to set.

What would the administrator control panel for ISPConfig look like?

ISPConfig - administrator screen

If you were to login as the admin for ISPConfig. This is what the control panel would look like.