Should you keep “www” or remove it?

Blue and white wwwDuring the early days of the internet everyone’s website had “www” as the starting part of their website address. Like and Nowadays you don’t need to have “www” as part of your address. Some people say having the “www” makes it take longer to type with three more keystrokes. While others may say that having the “www” in your address makes it ugly.

Quick way to figure out if you should keep the “www” as part of your web address or to remove it:

1) Does your website technically need the “www” as part of your web address? For most websites without complex setups the answer is no.
2) Do you like the “www” in your web address? If you have a personal preference for keeping the “world wide web” in your web address than you can keep it.
3) If you remove the “www” from your web address will your users get lost? The answer is no IF you put in a redirect from the “www” to the non “www” address of your website.

For most people it is simply a personal choice of whether or not they want to keep the “www” or to not. If you decide to remove the “www” than you should make sure you put in a redirect from the “www” to the non-www web address. Some early internet users continue to type in “www” in the beginning of every web address they use.