Should you use the trouble ticket or call your web host?

If you are experiencing an issue with your web hosting account. It maybe a simple issue to a very sophisticated or technical issue. Your best bet is to use the trouble ticket system to get technical support. You should only use the telephone support if the issue is a minor issue.

When you use the telephone support you and the technician on the other end may miscommunicate. Plus, it may be difficult to diagnosis the issue properly if there is any issue understanding each other over the telephone. Some web hosts may tell you to open a trouble ticket to address the issue you are experiencing if you are calling them on the phone. Depending on the scope of issue your web host may be able to help over the telephone. If the issue is technical and the technician on the phone can’t resolve the issue for you, they may transfer you to a more experienced technician or ask that you open a trouble ticket so an another technician looks into it.

The trouble ticket if properly used will provide a paper trail to help resolve issues. When you put the issue you are experiencing in writing, it helps the other party on the web host’s end to understand what you are trying to do, and what road blocks you are experiencing. The technician may even provide codes to you, the trouble ticket would be an ideal place to post them, they won’t be able to provide multiple lines of code through the telephone call.

When contacting your web host, you should use the telephone if its really simple or a must address issue. If the issue is a sophisticated issue and can wait. Your best best is to use the trouble ticket to get your issues looked at.