The price for WHMCS licenses

WHMCS is a billing solution for managing customers and payments for web hosting providers. The pricing for a single WHMCS license starts at $15.95 per month for a branded license. For a no branded license of WHMCS is $18.95 per month. A one time branded license of WHMCS is $249.95. A one time no branding of WHMCS license is $324.95.

All licenses of WHMCS includes unlimited clients and unlimited staff logins. The branded licenses include a powered by linkback to the WHMCS website. While the non-branded license does not have a linkback to WHMCS. The monthly payment licenses include a lifetime of updates while the one time licenses include 1 year of updates and after the initial year is renewable at a cost of $59.95 per six months for updates and support.