Three signs that your web hosting provider is not cool

The following is a list of three major signs that your web hosting provider is not cool and you should consider changing web hosts.

1) After every outage your web host uses the excuse that the cause of the outage was beyond their control. What is under their control then?

2) You can’t keep track of the number of times your web host has been down in the last 12 months. If the outages keep happening and you are sure you are not the only one experiencing it, then your web host is either aiming for a record or doesn’t take uptime seriously.

3) Your web host doesn’t acknowledge there was ever an outage or says only a few customers experienced the outage. If you search Twitter during an outage or after an outage, and there are a lot of other angry customers. Either your web host is trying to contain the issue or write it off and save money.