Using popup ads on your site

results-300pxThree key reasons why popup ads shouldn’t be used on your site:

They make your visitors angry

When you visit any site do you like random popups appearing? Probably not! Your visitors do not like popup ads either. The more popup ads the less likely the visitor is viewing your site. They may even accidentally close your site when they are attempting to exit out of the popup ad windows.

Visitors to your site may think you were hacked

Some people will think your site isn’t secure and may of been hacked. Why would anyone want dozens of popup ads to appear when someone visits their site? If a visitor thinks your site was hacked then would they stay on your site? NO. The visitor will move on and not come back to your site. They won’t be making any purchases either if they think your site is not secure.

Your can inadvertently get hacked

One of the advertises on those popup ads may not have good intentions. They may load up spyware, malware, a virus, or anything they can think of to attack you or your visitors. Malicious content on any of the popup ads can lead to your site get blacklisted and visitors to your site may get a warning page instead of seeing your site.