What happens if I stop paying my web hosting bill?

results-300pxQuestion: What happens if I stop paying my web hosting bill?

Answer: The first thing your web host will do is probably send you a few reminders about your bill being due. Some web hosts may even call you up to remind you. If after a few days the web host’s billing department can’t reach you or they find out you have no intention of paying. The web host will suspend your account.

After the web host suspends your account they will either delete all your files after 15-45 days or send your bill to collections. Most of the time the web host will have a grace period of a few days to few weeks before they start deleting all your content. After they delete your content you will not be able to recover anything.

If you live in the United States then there is a very high chance your web host may sell your bill to a collection agency. The collection agency pays a portion of your bill in return they get the right to collect the original amount due and keep it if they are successful.

If you do not live in the United States and the web host is based in the United States then the web host won’t have many options for pursuing you. If the amount that is due is really large they may file a lawsuit wherever you live but this is highly unlikely unless your bill is at least in the $xx,xxx amount.

After having not paid your bill you shouldn’t expect to ever get a web hosting account approved with your old web host again. The domain name, IP address, your email address, your name, and other information you gave to the web host when you signed up will be blacklisted. If you had any domains with your web host then they won’t be letting you have those domains if its registered under their name.

It is a better idea to pay your bill and cancel properly. If you do not then you shouldn’t expect your past web host to ever work with you again or let you use their services again.