3 most popular cloud web hosting companies

Web hosting - blue cloudsThe three most popular cloud web hosting companies. Who are they? Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure are the most popular cloud web hosting companies today.

Amazon AWS
Some customers of Amazon AWS include: Netflix, Coursera, Unilever, Expedia, Kellogg’s, Suncorp, Vodafone, Hess, Dow Jones, NTT DoCoMo, Novartis, Conde Nast, Siemens, Adobe, and Comast are a few of the large customers of Amazon AWS. Amazon offers everything from simple virtual servers to database hosting and everything in between. Pricing is not cheap when compared to dedicated servers offered by other providers.

Google Cloud
Almost everything that Amazon AWS offers to customers, Google Cloud also offers a lot of the same products. Some customers of Google Cloud are: Avaya, Best Buy, Bluecore, Domino’s, DeNA, Coca Cola, HTC, Khan Academy, LeadPages, Northrop Grumman, Sony Music, and Sky News are select large customers.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure is the cloud service from Microsoft. Just alike Google Cloud and Amazon AWS, the products range from virtual servers, database servers, load balancing and everything else that AWS and Google Cloud offers, Azure probably also offers. Customers of Azure include: NBC, 3M, Pearson, GE Healthcare, and, Johnson Controls. Microsoft Azure has a lot of other customers that use the Azure platform that wasn’t mentioned.