DirectAdmin vs. Cpanel

Red serversQuestion: Which web hosting control panel is the best?
Answer: Both DirectAdmin and Cpanel have their pro’s and con’s. Each of the control panels have their respective advantages and differences in ways of accomplishing the same task. DirectAdmin is not popular as Cpanel in the web hosting industry. Most shared web hosting company’s use Cpanel as the default web hosting control panel. DirectAdmin on the other hand is less used and is less common compared to Cpanel.

When it come to the pricing or cost of DirectAdmin vs. Cpanel. DirectAdmin licenses cost a little less than Cpanel licenses. When you need technical support or are searching for answers to questions. You will find more answers for questions about Cpanel and WHM compared to DirectAdmin. To get a feel for which control panel suits you the best. You should try out a demo of each one and make your choice based on which you prefer.