3 reasons why all shared web hosting is the same

Red folderSo you just brought that shared web hosting plan? Does it really make a difference if you brought it from X web host or B web host? The technical stuff behind the web hosting plans may be a little different from one web host to the next but you are paying for pretty much the same thing at different web hosts.

All shared web hosts will restrict your CPU and RAM usage

No matter what shared web host you decide on, they will all restrict how much CPU and RAM you can use. It can be the largest web hosting company in the world to the smallest company in the world. They will all have definite caps on how much CPU processing power you may use and how RAM you can use. MySQL database usage? They have caps on that too. Too many concurrent connections with your database and you may end up with no connection and a suspended account?

Shared web hosts want you to prepay for a whole year to 3 whole years in advance

When was the last time you prepaid your auto loan a year in advance? How about 3 years in advance? What about prepaying that electricity bill a year in advance? Yeah we didn’t think you do that. So why are you prepaying for web hosting in advance?

Unlimited everything?!?!

When was the last time you can get unlimited gasoline at the gas pump? When was the last time you can use up all the bandwidth you wanted on your cell phone plan? When was the last time you can use all the electricity you wanted? There is no such thing as unlimited. If there is such a thing as unlimited, it has terms and conditions in small print with a lot of technical words.

What are you paying for?

If there is one thing that can mark distinction between different web hosts is technical support and customer service. Many of the shared web hosting companies that you will encounter will offer unlimited this and unlimited that, they will offer crazy discounts if you prepay in advance, and they will all have caps on CPU, memory, and other resources. What will separate a bad web host from a great web host is how their customer service and technical support will handle your problems.