3 signs you should avoid a web host

DetectiveThree signs that the web host you are considering may not be ideal for you.

1) There is no address anywhere on the website.

If you can’t locate anywhere on the website of the web host their address than you should avoid them! No office or mailing address? If you can’t find a valid address than this is a sign your web host may be a fly by night web host that may disappear.

2) There is no telephone number listed anywhere on the site.

If the web host does not have a working telephone number listed anywhere on the site then this is another reason to run away from this web host. Almost everyone has a telephone number and for a business to not have a number listed anywhere on their site leaves customer with less options for reaching the web host when needed.

3) The web host doesn’t have a Terms of Use, Acceptable Usage Policy, or Policy Policy.

If the web host that you are considering doesn’t have anywhere on their site information about what is allowed or not allowed then this is another sign to avoid them. It is a standard for most web hosts to provide information about the Terms of Use, Acceptable Usage Policy, and a Privacy Policy to their customers. These type of documents provide information on what is expected, what is acceptable, and what the privacy practices of the web hosts are.