Go with dedicated web host or gaming web host?

Gaming controllerQuestion: Go with a regular dedicated web host or a web host that is geared to hosting gaming servers?

Answer: Depending on how large of an infrastructure the “regular dedicated” web host has compared to a host that does nothing but gaming servers. There may be no difference.

When deciding on a host for gaming servers. You should make sure the web host has latency in mind. The network of the web host will be one of the most important features to look at. The technical specifications of the server would also be another important detail to look at.

Multi-homed network

Make sure the web host that you choose to have host your gaming servers with has more than 3 bandwidth providers. These bandwidth providers should be major known name providers and the web host has redundant power available. Do not go with a web host that provides cheap dedicated servers. These web hosts may have only 1 or 2 bandwidth providers and if you experience any latency issues with 1 or both routes than you are out of luck. Make sure the web host  has a bunch of different bandwidth providers.

Good technical specifications

Make sure the server you choose has modern technical specifications. You do not want to be hosting a gaming server on last year’s hardware. Make sure the processor, memory, and hard drives are up to par.