3 ways to speed up your WordPress blog

Speed limit at 65 mphIf you have already setup your WordPress blog and want to speed it up then follow these three steps.

1. Disable and remove all plugins that you do not use. If you have a few dozen plugins than your WordPress blog will be bloated and will be a lot slower than usual. To increase the speed and response time of your WordPress blog you should disable and remove all plugins you don’t need. If you have 3 different plugins that do the same thing than you should keep one and remove the other two. There is no point in having a bunch of plugins installed and have the same purpose.

2. Install a caching system to help ease the work load when every visitor visits your site. If you haven’t already installed a cache plugin than you should. A cache plugin will help create a copy of your site that is shown to visitors and your WordPress blog won’t have to use extra CPU power or memory to serve up every page requested. The cache plugin will have over a few days and after a few visitors to each page a static copy of your site that will be used.

3. If the blog is getting a few thousand visitors a day than you should consider moving your WordPress blog to a dedicated WordPress web host. A dedicated WordPress web host will help optimize your blog from behind the scenes to help speed it up.