Acceptable identification (IDs) for fraud check

Credit cardIf you have just ordered web hosting service for the first time with a company. They may not activate your web hosting account until you can verify you are really you. This usually means you have to send some form of identification (ID) to the web host. When this happens you have a few options.

Find a different web host

The first option is you find a different web host that doesn’t require you to submit your identification to them. There are such web hosts out there. They won’t require any identification be sent to them and only care if your payment was successful or not. If your payment was successfully then they will activate your web hosting account.

You can find out whether or not a web host will require to see your identification by contacting them before ordering. It is usually a good idea to email the web host and not use the sales chat. When you email the web host you can have a record of the communication just in case there are any misunderstandings later.

Verify they are legit and comply

The second option is you comply with the web host’s request to see your identification. When you decide to comply you SHOULD make sure the web host you are about to send your identification documents to are a real business and not a scam. To confirm whether or not a web host is a legitimately established business. You can request their business registration number and the jurisdiction where the are legally registered.

After you have confirmed that the web host is a legitimate business and not a scam. You can use one of these common forms of identification (ID) to verify who you are. The most commonly accepted forms of ID include:

-your passport

-your drivers license

-your national id

-your college/university id

-your high school id