Alternatives to Google Cloud and Amazon AWS

World GlobeGoogle Cloud and Amazon AWS are often touted as the go to cloud providers by many organizations and media outlets. So who else is out there that can match and outperform Google Cloud and Amazon AWS? IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft are two companies that many people forget to mention!

If you are reaching for access to China then Kysun and Alibaba Cloud must be on your list.


IBM is a major information technology company. Besides owning SoftLayer (a major dedicated server provider), IBM also provides cloud computing services. IBM’s cloud service is called IBM Bluemix.


IBM supports A LOT of different things. Over 130+ solutions are available. From database, bare metal servers, mobile apps, block storage, file storage, Node.js, hardware firewalls, load balancing, CDN, and a lot more. They have a catalog you have to scroll through to find what you may need.


Oracle is offering $300 in free credit right now. Oracle Cloud offers a vast array of different solutions. Just like IBM they offer whatever AWS and Google Cloud also offer and more. Oracle Cloud offers: bare metal, compute, MySQL (hey, they own it!), Java (they own it also), storage, containers, and more. Oracle Cloud also supports Oracle’s own Oracle database product.


Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure is also a great alternative to Google Cloud and Amazon AWS. Whatever Google Cloud and Amazon AWS offer. There is a really great chance Microsoft Azure offers a similar solution also. Microsoft has also a vast array of different datacenters to support physical redundancy.



If you can speak Chinese or read Mandarin then Kysun is also an alternative to Google Cloud and Amazon AWS. Kysun is powered by the software developer, Kingsoft. Kingsoft is the company behind WPS Office, a popular office suite and Cheetach Mobile, mobile apps. Kysun is targeted to mainland customers. There doesn’t appear to be any English version of their site.

If you plan to provide products or services to mainland Chinese users then Kysun is one cloud provider you must consider. The other is Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud aka Aliyun


Aliyun aka Alibaba Cloud is another great alternative to the other mentioned cloud providers. Alibaba Cloud is based out of China and competes directly against Kingsoft’s Kysun, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft’s Azure.

Alibaba Cloud (aka Aliyun) has English support. Alibaba Cloud has datacenters in North America also. Alibaba the Chinese marketplace giant with a market capitalization of over $250 billion dollars backs this venture.

Kingsoft’s Kysun and Alibaba Cloud are the two top choices for great access to mainland Chinese users if you are marketing to mainland China.