Should you switch cloud providers every few months?

Big gorillaIf you ain’t getting the best pricing with your existing cloud provider then you should! If you shop around then you can probably find a better price. If your organization is spending a lot of money with one cloud provider then you should definitely try shopping around to save money.

Not 3 but 5 big cloud providers

Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure are often mentioned as the go-to cloud providers but did you know that IBM and Oracle also offer cloud solutions? When was the last time you compared the pricing between Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure versus IBM Bluemix or Oracle Cloud?

All backed by multi-billion dollar companies

There are at least 5 major multi-billion dollar companies offering cloud solutions. You should look at the pricing and try to negotiate (if you are a large customer). You should not limit yourself to just Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure.