Can the use of a CDN cause some users to have loading issues with your site?

eviloldman-300pxQuestion: Can the use of a content delivery network (CDN) cause some users to experience site loading issues?

Answer: Yes, some isolated instances of such issues can occur with the use of a CDN. When you decide to use a CDN anytime a visitor accesses your site they have to go through the CDN service. If the CDN service experiences any hiccups or any glitches then your visitors may experience a slow loading time or not load at all.

When CDN goes wrong

If a user were to attempt to access your site but the CDN you are using has any issue. That user could be left with a really slow loading site that can take anywhere from 15-30 seconds to load or doesn’t load t all. Unless that user has your contact information and decides to let you know. You won’t know that such instances occurred because you won’t see that user on your site statistics.

Pitfalls of using a CDN

When you use a CDN the connection between your site and the visitors must pass through a third party. If that third party decides to halt all visitors from some random country then you won’t know. You can’t really do much besides deciding to stop using the CDN service. The CDN service may help cache or make your site load faster to most of your visitors but it can also cause a subset of your visitors to not be able to access your site at all if the CDN has any issues.