Why you shouldn’t run a datacenter out of your home?

LaptopThere are two main reasons why no one should consider operating a datacenter out of their home. Electricity and connectivity!

Redundant power

A typical datacenter has a lot of generators on standby and are ready to kick in when the main power line has any issue. If you operate a datacenter out of your home. You can use secondary backup like any off the shelve UPS system but they will only last for a few hours. What happens if the storm lasts for a few day and your UPS system doesn’t?

Multiple IP carriers

You can run a DSL/cable and a fiber connection from your home but having only two separate paths to the Internet won’t ensure stable connectivity. Unless you actually are paying thousands of dollars per month for different fiber lines to connect to your home. Your internet connection won’t be large enough to handle any surge in bandwidth use. Having two 300 Mbps with 5-10 Mbps upload won’t qualify your datacenter for real world use.