Deciding on a small dedicated provider or a large provider?

When it’s time to choose a dedicated web hosting provider. You may face the question of whether to go with a small to medium dedicated provider or going with a large provider. There are many con’s and pro’s with this question.

Going with a small to medium dedicated provider.
-More flexibility compared to a large corporate web hosting provider
-More personal service and attention

-Small number of staff on hand
-May have only one datacenter location
-Pricing may not be as low as large web hosting providers
-May not actually own the datacenter but colocate their servers in a cage at a dacenter where they rely on the datacenter techs

Choosing a large dedicated provider.
-Typically have lower prices because of the large volume of servers they buy
-More employees around to provide support and address server issues
-More options with firewall, switches, & networking setup
-May have more than one datacenter location to choose from
-More fiber and bandwidth at lower cost

-Less personal service & attention