Should you rent to own a server?

If you want to outright own the dedicated server that you are making monthly payments on then the option of renting to own a server is a good idea. Before making the decision to choose a provider base on whether or not they provide a rent to own option, you have to carefully consider the costs and what your long term plans are.

The following are some basic pro’s and con’s of rent to own servers.

-You would own the dedicated server after paying for it over 12, 24, or 36 months
-Can colocate the dedicated server at a different colocation/datacenter after you own the server
-The hard drives that contain your data will be owned by you

-The dedicated server will be considered old technology compared to what will be available on the market by the time you actually own the server
-You will need to colocate the server after you own the server, either that or you will have to make arrangements with your web hosting provide to continue having them house your server
-After you own the dedicated server if anything breaks you will have to pay out of pocket to get the replacement parts (some providers may continue providing replacement parts coverage for no cost)
-You will need to pay for shipping & handling if you plan to switch datacenters
-There maybe a fee to actually own the server after all your monthly payments have been paid, check with your specific provider for how their rent to own server program works