Easy way to save money with web hosting

Shopping iconIf you are in need of a really cheap web hosting plan than getting a yearly web hosting plan may save you money. Many popular web hosts and domain registrars provide cheap and affordable yearly web hosting plans. The yearly web hosting plans require the whole 12 months of web hosting to be paid upfront.

What is a yearly web hosting plan?

Yearly web hosting plans are web hosting plans that require the customer to pay upfront (all at once) the yearly web hosting cost. When a customer orders a yearly web hosting plan they are paying for a whole year of service and would get a discount for paying in advance.

How much does a yearly web hosting plan cost?

A yearly web hosting plan may vary in cost from as low as $25 dollars to $500 dollars. Typical costs are in the $30 to $90 range. These figures are typically for the first initial year and the renewal rates may vary. Most of the time the renewal rate after the first year is higher than the first year of service.

Why should I get a yearly web hosting plan?

If you know the web host is a reliable business and has a good reputation than it may be worth paying upfront to save in the long term. Discounts can range from 10% to 50% and vary from web host to web host. If you are low on cash or the websites that you will be hosting are not mission crucial than a cheap yearly web hosting plan can save you a lot of money.

Con’s of a yearly web hosting plan?

If you pick the wrong web host than you can lose all your money. If the web host you decide to purchase a year’s worth of web hosting service from has not been around for a long time or is a fly by night web host than you are at risk of losing the money you paid. The service quality and uptime may vary if you are not familiar with the web host you are buying from.