Why you shouldn’t ignore web hosts with bad designs

Checkmark inside a circleSome web hosts may have horrible websites but it does not mean that the web host sucks. Some web hosts may have had not updated their website in years and others do not want to for whatever reason. Judging a web host just by the look of their website is like judging a book by its cover. You shouldn’t judge a web host by their website design because they may be a great web host!

No need to get more customers

Some great web hosts that are customer service oriented may of chosen not to put too much emphasis on their website. After years of neglecting their website, the website may look horrible but it does not mean the web host sucks. The web host may have a thriving community of customers and their service may be out of this world.

Web host is focused on existing customers

The web host with the horrible design may be more focused on providing stellar customer service and technical support instead of investing in a splashy website. A web host may decide it is more important to focus on the existing customers than put up a new or more modern site. If you find the website may look horrible but its content is relevant and up to date than the web host may be focused on the content and not the design of the site.

Existing customers bring in new customers

The lack of an appealing design may not be turning customers away. A web host that has a solid reputation with their existing customer base may have their customers use word of mouth marketing to draw new customers. These new customers may not decide to purchase web hosting services from the web host based off the website but on the referral from a friend or family member that already uses the web host’s service.