Free web hosting versus paid web hosting

Some web hosting providers offer free web hosting. This offer is tempting but depending on what kind of website you are hosting and the level of service you want, can help you decide whether or not you should choose a free web hosting provider versus going with a paid host.

Web hosts that provide free web hosting accounts may have requirements that have to be met or satisfied to keep your web hosting free. Examples of such requirements include having a link to the web hosting provider in the footer. Another possible requirement is that the web host may place ads by inserting on the server (no work on your part) their code so every single page served up by your site displayd ads chosen by your free web host. These are a few examples of what some web hosts may require that you agree to.

When choosing a free web host, they may impose caps or limits on the storage space, number of databases, email accounts, and whether or not you can use your own domain or have to use a subdomain of a domain owned by the free web host. Free web hosts may also limit the level of technical support provided if any is provided at all.

Now that you are familiar with what some limits and what some web hosts want in return for hosting your website for free. The question now is should you choose a free web host or a paid web host for your website? If your website is aimed at a professional audience or is non-personal than you should a paid web host. If your website is a hobby site or just hosting family albums than a free web host maybe suitable for you. You should keep in mind that when choosing a free web host that the level of service may not live upto your expectations.