Why your web host won’t support X software

When contacting your web host for support with whatever software application that you are using. Your web host may decline to provide support because they may not be familiar with the software script you are asking help with. Your web host will help you with specific requests with your account if you need whatever to be enabled to allow your software to function. If you ask your web host for specific questions about how to get an unknown software script to do something then there is a good chance your web host may decline to provide the support you were seeking.

Web hosts will support general questions and questions specific to your web hosting account. If the question is about a software script that they are not familiar with then your web host will most likely not have the answer. Some web hosts will go above and beyond to try to help their customers with technical questions but when the questions involve third party software applications then the web host will not be able to help much. Your best chance of getting an answer to your question concerning a specific software script is to contact the software vendor for support and not your web host.