Going with a web host that includes a website builder

Penguin builderIf you are not experienced in creating your own website and need help creating your first website. Choosing to buy web hosting from a host that includes a FREE website builder with their web hosting plan may be an ideal solution. With a website builder you can create your website without worrying about codes or much.

So what is a website builder?

A website builder is software that makes it easy for anyone to create a website. You simply have to choose your design, layout, add pictures, or any text that you want on your website. You do not have to worry about the underlying code or anything else.

Should it cost money to use a site builder?

No, generally speaking many web hosts throw in access to a free website builder to help new customers launch sites without the hassle of coding. Some web hosts may charge a few dollars more per month for access to a website builder.

Features of a site builder?

The features of a site builder will vary between different web hosts because each web host may be using different site builder software. There is no one site builder software but many different ones. The most common features of a website builder includes: an image gallery, dozens of different designs, a guestbook, create a blog, upload music, upload videos, and more.

Do you have access to a site builder?

If you are not sure if you have access to a site builder with your existing web hosting account. You can find out by inquiring with your web host whether or not they have a site builder you can use. You may not realize it but there may be a link to a site builder from within your web hosting control panel.

Why use a site builder?

People simply choose to use a site builder when they don’t want to worry about HTML codes. Site builders can help users launch a new website very quickly. User can create a web page within site builder and it can go live without any worries about having to use FTP to upload files. Users can also edit or delete pages without having to do many steps. A site builder makes it easy and simple to manage a simple website without many headaches.