Fully managed WordPress vs. managed WordPress

Checkmark inside a circleQuestion: Go with a fully managed WordPress web host versus a managed WordPress web host?

Answer: If you are deciding between a “fully managed WordPress” vs. a “managed WordPress” web host than don’t worry too much. The terms fully managed WordPress versus managed WordPress is like comparing two different luxury car makes and asking which make you should buy.

When you are looking at comparing different managed WordPress web hosts. You should look at what the difference and what they both offer. The terms fully managed and managed won’t make much of a difference. What you should look at is what exactly is one managed WordPress web host offering and what is the other managed WordPress offering?

Does one WordPress web host offer a higher limit on the number of visitors per month? Does the other offer more WordPress installs? The two terms “fully managed WordPress” versus “managed WordPress” can’t distinguish what the two are offering. You will find that that different managed WordPress web hosts that you are looking at offer a lot of similar services but the difference is what they differ. They both will help you manage your WordPress install but what is the difference between them?

Best way to find out which “managed WordPress” web host is a fit for you? Send them some messages and see how fast and what kind of response you get.