Will installing scripts that are not popular get me hacked?

Script scrollQuestion: Will installing a software script that is not popular get my web site hacked?

Answer: It really depends on who made that script and whether or not they are maintaining it still. If the software script you are contemplating on installing and using is being developed by someone that is security oriented than it should be fine. But it is not exactly easy to tell who is behind the software is security focus or just someone random that decided to give it a go at programming.

The increase chances of an exploit

-Software scripts that have not been updated in over 12 months may no longer be maintained or the developers may of lost interest or are not available. If you are using software script that haven’t be updated in over 12 months then chances of someone finding an exploit increases because no one is maintaining the software.

-Software scripts from over 3 years ago. If the last update or event in a software scripts changelog is from over 3 years than either the software is really polished or the developer may of given up on the software script. Run away and do not use it!

-The software script’s website hasn’t been updated or there are a lot of pages that are broken. If the software script’s homepage is broken and it has been a while since an update or no one has fixed it or is answering your questions then you should avoid it. It is one thing to have a site not fully functioning for a few days but for weeks or months is another. If the developer can’t maintain the site what you makes you think the software is secure?

-No one else is using the software script? Is the software script new? Or is there a checkered history and other people are avoiding that software script for some reason?

Use it or not?

It is best to use popular or known name software scripts. It is like going out and getting a car from an unknown manufacturer. Would you? Using unfamiliar or not popular software scripts will lead to questions about who will help you with the software if there are issues. Unless you plan on spending your own money on getting updates or support on the software script than you should stick to either popular software scripts or software from known developers.