Google’s Chrome to start marking non-secure sites one month from now

For those that may not know or remember. In about 1 month Google’s Chrome browser (one of the most popular ones) will start marking all sites without a SSL certificate as “non-secure”. To avoid panicking your users and visitors to your site. You should make sure all your sites have a valid SSL certificate in place before July comes around.

If you are involved in eCommerce then this is a MUST. For anyone else that is running a hobby site or blog then this maybe at your discretion. If you planning to do any transactions or anything that involves money online then you will need to install a working SSL certificate or else visitors using Chrome will start showing your site as not secure.

A browser that labels your site as not secure could cost you visitors and turn off visitors. Many users won’t know what SSL is or what purposes it serves but a big label from their browser could result in loss sales if you don’t act quickly.