Host your site locally or don’t?

Cloud connected to EthernetTwo reasons you want to host your website locally or near where your main audience of visitors will be. These are just two main reasons and there can be a lot more. There can also be reasons why you don’t want to host your site locally but that is another day.

1) Access your site faster
When you host your site locally and it’s near the audience that is trying to reach your site. They can access your site a lot more quicker then if they have to jump across the globe to reach your site. A site that is reachable and hosted locally is quicker to download, has lower latency, and will always be available to your local audience if other parts of the internet are having issues.

2) Always available to the local audience
If other parts of the internet is having connectivity issues. Say between two different IP carriers or just international traffic is having an issue reaching your region then your site would still be available. If you were to host your site in another country then your site would not be available if there were any connectivity issues.