How much does web hosting cost?

Depending on what kind of web hosting plan you decide to purchase. The starting price for your web hosting plan may vary. The lowest price point for starter and most basic web hosting plans can start for less than $5 dollars per month.

Starter web hosting plans
These starter web hosting plans include the very basic features including disk space and bandwidth. Plans start at $5 dollars and go into above $10 dollars per month. Typically there are no setup fees for these plans. Some web hosts may offer a lower price per month if you a customer were to agree to a pay for 1 year to 3 years in advance.

Business web hosting plans
Business web hosting plans typically have more disk space and bandwidth allocated to them. These plans start at $10 dollars and go up into the $50 dollar price range. Business web hosting plans may include a free SSL for the first year to a free domain name is included.

Webmaster plans
Webmaster plans include a lot more disk space and bandwidth than other web hosting plans. These plans also come with a lot scripts ready to be installed with a click of the mouse. Webmaster web hosting plans may include features such as Node.js support and Ruby support. Webmaster plans may also include video streaming support via additional software installed on the server.