Why does managed WordPress web hosting plans cost more?

If you run a blog or multiple blogs that are powered by WordPress. You may be interested in moving your blog to a web host that is dedicated to powering WordPress sites. A managed WordPress web host includes a lot more resources with the web hosting plan than your usual run of the mill web hosting plans.

More RAM
Most managed WordPress web hosts allocate more memory to their web hosting plans. This allows your WordPress blog to be more responsive to data requests and makes your WordPress blog a lot faster when users visit your site.

More disk space
Managed WordPress web hosts also include plenty of disk space to support your media. Everything from videos to pictures can be hosted with your managed WordPress web host.

Multiple site support
Depending on the managed WordPress web host that you choose. They may offer to let you run multiple WordPress installs from a single plan.

Automated updates
Managed WordPress web hosts also typically backup your WordPress blog everyday. Some managed WordPress have their own unique system for backing up your blog incase there are ever any plugin, theme, or any other issues that may need a restore.

Managed WordPress web hosts may also employ a behind the scene caching system to help speed up your site.

Some managed WordPress web hosts include a content delivery network (CDN) as part of the plan. Other managed WordPress web hosts may charge an additional fee to this service. With a CDN service your site is served up from a server that is located nearest to your visitor when they visit your website.