How much for shared web hosting and DDoS protection?

Sword and shieldQuestion: How much does it cost to get a shared web hosting plan with DDoS protection?

Answer: There are many web hosts that offer shared web hosting on servers that are protected from DDoS attacks. The pricing for shared web hosting plans that include DDoS protection will vary. The pricing should not be cheap because the hardware and software required to filter and protect from a DDoS attack are expensive.

If a web host is offering DDoS protection with a shared web hosting plan than don’t expect your web host to save your website during a major DDoS attack. The protection provided with shared web hosting plans may be able to defend against small scale attacks but anything major will result in your site getting suspended.

From an economical standpoint it won’t make sense for your web host to protect your site during a major DDoS attack if you are paying $10 per month for a shared web hosting plan. The cost to defend and filter a large DDoS attack would be a lot more than $10.